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“The problem for many people and companies is not that they have ambitious goals which they do not reach, but that they have half-hearted goals that they reach and then stay in that comfort zone.”

Arash Rahmani will convey a message with impact, that touches the public and inspires them to get more out of themselves. He specializes in digital strategy, digital transformation and information security. He is passionate about innovation, trends, and future developments. His goal is to lead organizations and people through the transformations required to become stronger and more competitive. He can help you improve the performance and security of your digital transformation.

A few recommendations

“I know Arash as an inspirational speaker. As a host at public speaking events, he brings the theme alive not only by introducing it, but also by making connections with the topics of the speakers. He summarizes what they have told in a creative way, and he makes smooth transitions to the next speaker. Arash can also be an entertaining speaker, but for me personally, most of all his speeches are a true inspiration.”

Greg Tyrrell ∙ Finance Director / CFO

“Arash is not only a Digital specialist but also a great speaker to have at your event – creative and funny he will both entertain and surprise you!”

“Arash is Arresting – public speaker that is, who teases your intellect, logic and culture with such humor, you find yourself laughing at the irony of it all. He has an electric stage presence, radiant smile, and articulate expression that makes him such an engaging entertainer and expert informer.”

Neli Bistrichka ∙ Project Manager ∙ Carerix

“I am always looking forward to the next speech of Arash. I will never forget his speech about Fear as well as his stories about the aliens. Arash is confident, creative, educational and entertaining at the same time. Arash is the best impromptu speaker I know. You can definitely count on him to make a great story out of every possible situation.”

“Arash is a great speaker who is confident on the stage. At various events of professional speakers, he showed many skillful speeches. I loved his structured approach combined with knowledge, fun and creative solutions!”

Michael Armstrong ∙ Offshore Load Engineer

“Arash has a unique ability to pull the rabbit out of the hat and conjure up fantastic impromptu speeches. His Halloween speech was just one example, where the speech was so complete and polished that afterwards half the audience believed he was telling a true story and forgot he made it up on the spot. His speech style is inspiring with great versatility and adaptiveness and you are in for a treat if Arash is the speaker.”


“Arash is an extraordinarily gifted speaker who is able to convey any message with passion and precision.”

Speaker ∙ Digital Transformation ∙ Information Security
Arash Digitaal Strateeg

Arash Rahmani ∙ Digital Transformation & Information Security Speaker

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