Digital strategy and information security consultant

Result oriented digital strategist focused on digital transformation with a strong emphasis on information security, and a track record in increasing the digital resilience of organizations, by focusing on technology, people, processes and culture.

I am able to translate your organization goals into an digital strategy and lead teams to implement the strategy efficiently and effectively to achieve the set goals.

As a digital strategy consultant, I can help your organization as a project manager, an external consultant or as an ad interim manager/consultant. Feel free to contact me on +31641959217

Arash Rahmani

Technology ∙ People ∙ Process ∙ Culture

What can I do for your organization?

My strength is being able to effectively and efficiently use different IT and Digital disciplines to achieve set goals, and to lead and motivate the team to achieve these goals. With both commercial and IT knowledge I can be the link between business and IT, translating the wishes of stakeholders into secure IT solutions and innovations. This in an efficient and effective way that adds value for the business.

  • Develop and implement a Digital/IT strategy that aligns with the organizational strategy.
  • Be a trusted advisor for executives on IT strategy, market opportunities, IT applications and their implementation.
  • Develop an information security policy in accordance with international frameworks (including ISO 27001 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework).
  • Implement an information security policy in all layers of the organization, with attention to technology, people, processes and culture.
  • Set up innovation projects within the organization with the aim of optimizing business processes.
  • Manage and lead large, complex and multidisciplinary change projects and teams.
  • Experience with risk management processes and the execution of risk analyses to help the organisation deal with the prevailing ‘risk appetite’ in the field of information security including its implementation and operation.

Digital transformation can be safer and more efficient

Thanks to my background as an entrepreneur, I am skilled at recognizing opportunities, thinking divergently, working flexibly and create value for your organization and your customers. Over the years, I have assisted several organizations where high screenings apply. To date, I have been able to achieve the desired results with each client.

With a core focus on improving the results of your organization, I also focus on technology, people, processes and culture to digitally transformation your organisation within the framework of information security.

In need of a digital strategy consultant. Please contact me on +31641959217

“In the coming years many more products will become smart and connect online. They will provide additional touch points in the customer journey. This digital disruption will affect or even threaten your organization. I can turn these threats into opportunities for your organization.”

8 reasons why companies hire me

I have 12 years of hands-on experience in various B2C and B2B industries with a focus on digital strategy.

Strategical, tactical & operational
I focus on all 3 aspects to help a company grow and achieve the desired results. Focusing on making sure the organization and team achieves their long-term goals, short-term objectives and day-to-day tasks that fit those goals.

Clear & understandable strategy
My strategy plans are clear, actionable and understandable. Free of unnecessary IT jargon and nonsense. Strategy and tactics need to be clear for all levels of the organization, not just the IT department or the executives that hires me.

I have outstanding presentations skills, can get a message across and influence the audience. Information security awareness has to be communicated and adopted in all layers of the organisation.

Agile & adoptive
I am agile and adoptive with a high tolerance for stress. Adjusting to situations and seeing opportunities.

Look beyond IT to achieve the desired goals
Knowledgeable of IT strategy development and implementation, control methods and tools. To achieve the desired success, I bring people from different disciplines together and make them part of the change. A solid information security policy can only be achieved by looking beyond technology and also focusing on people, processes and the organisational culture.

Internationally oriented
Not only do I have an international background, I have also worked with a vast variety of nationalities and cultures.

Independent & efficient
As an independent consultant I have no interest in adding additional consultants to increase the billable hours. This independent provides the benefits of looking for suppliers that fit your organisational needs and goals.

A few recommendations

“I experienced Arash as an insightful expert with a broad understanding of digital strategy. He is a reliable and devoted person who has the ability to connect with people. Someone who is agile and knows how to familiarize and utilize new information swiftly.”

Rotterdam The Hague Airportis part of the Royal Schiphol Group. A complex organization with different stakeholders and a focus on customer experience, innovation and regulations.


“Arash understands the dynamic of leading a team. As an independent expert, he is someone who can turn complex issue into understandable bites. He is end result-focused, with detail-oriented, which make his work is phenomenal.”

Omnicom Group Inc. is a global media, marketing and corporate communications company.


“For the past years Arash has done a very good job for our different national and international companies in regards to our online strategy, online marketing and building of different websites.”

The Facultatieve Group is a world market leader in the field of combustion ovens and funeral equipment. The company owns several brands with offices in different continents.

“Security transcends technology and culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Arash Digitaal Strateeg

Arash Rahmani ∙ Consultant

Do you need a digital strategy consultant with a strong emphasis on information security? Please contact me.

I can help your organization as a project manager, an external consultant or as an ad interim manager/consultant.
You can also hire me to speak about digital strategy, digital transformation or information security.

The Hague, The Netherlands

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